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Boobies in the news – 06-24-11

Navajo community works on baby-friendly status: Good news out of New Mexico with a renewed focus on breastfeeding as part of maternal and infant health, with some hopeful targets for baby-friendly certification. Particularly since my friend, Elita over at Blacktating recently asked me for aboriginal resources and I couldn’t find a single one. In fact, this site, by the SOGC, addressing all types of reproductive health issues doesn’t even mention breastfeeding once. I’d be shaking my head if I were even a bit surprised.

BPA & other chemicals suspected contributors to breastfeeding problems: An interesting theory about the cause of what seems to be the increasing prevalence of formerly rare problems in reproductive health. My sense is that the key contribution to the number of breastfeeding difficulties we see is birth and infant care practices – though this chemical hormone soup is an additional factor.

Key to infant health has always existed: Nothing necessarily ground-breaking here, but the source is a change of pace and written by someone well outside the lactivist community. As a note, mothers in the developed world may need this reminder: breastfed babies do not need extra water, even in the heat.

UK Breastfeeding Rates rise again: Good news out of the UK on rising breastfeeding rates, though exclusivity and duration continue to be a challenge over the pond as they are here.

SIDS risk increases without breastfeeding: Not a particularly new idea, but this is a major review that really pinpoints breastfeeding as being a critical component to protecting infants against this tragic and still unexplained condition. Sadly, the focus seems to fall so much on crib sleeping that advocates for breastfeeding often get shut out of the discussion.


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