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Boobies in the news – 08-12-11

CDC says hospitals not promoting breastfeeding: With only 3.5% of facilities having at least 9 of the 10 baby-friendly steps, you can see how they came up with this headline. But it’s actually worse than this – because in fact, it’s very likely that hospitals are promoting breastfeeding. They tell mothers about all the “benefits” of breastfeeding and all how very important and normal breastfeeding is to their infant’s short- and long-term health. And then they take none of the steps that have been shown [...]

Boobies in the news: 02-03-11

Boobies in the news: 02-03-11

Boobies in the news for the week of February 3, 2011: Big Food leaves a bad taste with the CMAJ, NZ revives milk banks, LLL takes on social media, statisticians cut down BMJ solids analysis, plus a win for advocacy groups on consultation with Health Canada

Boobies in the news – 11-19-2010

Boobies in the news – 11-19-2010

Boobies in the news for the week ending November 19: Cuban milk bank, Dunkin’ Dust-up, anti-inflammatory breastmilk, first conversations & the lies mothers tell

Yet another reason I’m glad I don’t get FoxNews

A big breastfeeding fail on a easy case.

Shower Themes: Meal Shower

This is an ideal shower for the mom who has the essentials and no space for more, as well as the mom of a second or subsequent child.o Each guest brings one (or more) frozen meals to stock away for the early weeks when baby needs all mom’s attention, but the whole family still needs food!o Bring a dish that you don’t need back soon (or a disposable one) and attach clear instructions for preparation, as well as an ingredient listing.o Need some inspiration beyond [...]

Shower Themes: A Book Shower

The Baby Book (William and Martha Sears): a great all-around reference book that provides accurate, up-to-date information on infant health and nutrition The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (La Leche League International): the comprehensive guide on how (and why) to breastfeed your baby. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers (Jack Newman): an easy reference guide for situations from common to complex. The No-Cry Sleep Solution (Elizabeth Pantley): realistic expectations coupled with practical tips to help everyone get a little more shut eye (or at least worry [...]

Shower Themes: Around the Clock Shower

Guests are each assigned a time of day and bring a gift that would be used at that time.o Breakfast: Instead of a bottle set or sterilizer, try a boppy pillow or set of burp cloths.o Lunch time: Instead of formula dispensers or bottle-warmer, why not get mom a great nursing top?o Walk: A sling makes a wonderful gift and supports breastfeeding by allowing mom to respond quickly to baby’s signals, as well as providing an ideal cover for discreet nursing in public. A pretty [...]

The Baby-Friendly Baby Shower

For many first time moms, the baby shower is a rite of passage. Her friends and family enjoy celebrating the arrival of the newest little one and take the opportunity to provide for some of the things the new family will need.Early parenthood brings much joy, but many challenges too. First-time mothers are often surprised at the obstacles they encounter in those early weeks. While most mothers in North America begin breastfeeding their infants, fewer than 20% are exclusively breastfeeding as is recommended at six [...]

NIP, no tuck

Welcome to my contribution to this month’s Carnival of Breastfeeding – the theme is nursing in public. Read on, then hop on the Carnival Ride of links at the bottom of this post!Nursing in public, or NIP as it’s known in internet speak, is one of those red herring subjects for me. Just the fact that it has its own internet acronym tells me there is something wrong – after all, there’s no acronym for babies leaving the house, is there? In a normal world, [...]